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New Day Kid


New day kid…

You never got to witness the moonlight dances

Never got to listen to fireside stories

Only heard in the yard there were once masquerade dances

And a time when only parents had worries.

You only heard but never saw cos you are a new day kid.


New day kid…


Fighting to stay alive like a gazelle chased by a hunter

All hopes of the future finally put asunder

Now all you have as a childhood is days of wonder and wander.

Who knows it may make you someday get wiser

It’s now your experience to handle new day kid.


New day kid…


You were once told there was once enough food for tomorrow

Now the most you seem able to lay hands on is sorrow.

Crumbs from the big belly’s table are delicacies for your marrow

Your turn they say would come when you grow old

That’s the system whether you are old or just a new day kid


New day kid…


You are the emblem of an upcoming radical revolution

When you’ll have no “white bearded scholars” leading the nations

And strict accountability as a footstool for progression

Who else is more apt to initiate real revolution but the new day kid?

The future is now!!

When you write


When you write, you create your own stage

You determine your actions and reactions, utterances and captions.

You pick and pin, relating it all to the stories you’ve seen and lived

You give the world a peep through your lens

Sleepless nights rewarded by that swift adrenaline rush when the curtains are raised

Tons of hours hours exhausted in seconds, make it seem like nothing.

An hour or two of glory and you leave the limelight

Back to the old times; cold bed, warm chair, pen in hand, more fear.

You can never outlive the times but you try to while you can.

It’s a cycle: create, enjoy, retreat, repeat.

Better than nothing is a moment of thrill and fame.

Raising curtains, breaking boundaries, climbing mountains and skipping valleys

Creating memes, staging plays, penning days, leaving stains

Toiling through more sleepless nights just in the hope that someone will one day recall your name.

Transformed challenge goes viral.


Just hours after the release of the Transformed video by Cameroon-based Daddy D, social media has gone wild with fans posting pictures of them with the same pose as Daddy D and tagging it #transformedchallenge.

Daddy d.jpg
Source: Arrey-B’s blog

Click to see pics.

Interview; meet young Cameroon fashion designer, Bisi Courage.


Bisi Courage is a young Cameroon fashion designer based in Buea. She has created her fashion brand called Bisi Courage Designs (BCD) which goes by the theme Bringing out the colours in Africa through fashion. In an exclusive interview with Ndzi’s Blog, she sheds more light about her work and brand.

Fashion; young Cameroon designer brings it on.


Bisi Courage is a young Cameroon fashion designer based in the mountain city of Buea. She has created her fashion brand called Bisi Courage Designs (BCD) which goes by the theme Bringing out the colours in Africa through fashion. Below is a taste of her works in pictures.

A look from the future.


When we are born, we are young, we grow old then we die.

Everything eventually ends just like eating a pie.

Five tips for moving day.


           Many times we have had to make or accept the choice of moving from one place to another, be it a house, a locality, city or even a country. Loading and offloading shelves and stands, moving boxes and stuff all around.


image credit: shutterstock

Moses was a man of few words, more action

Noah a man of faith, no distractions

Even in exile, John got revelations

And oh yes! Our saviour Christ was a man of meditation.


They braved the odds against trend and tendency

Gave their all, left a mark for us to see

What perfect examples of a legacy

Till date their stories still change you and me.


Then it was them, now it is you

You are the society, adults and youth

Bring up your kids in a way that’s good

Leave a legacy that’ll make them proud of you.


Kids like to hear but they love to watch

Set an example that matters much,

Let them see in you the saviour’s touch

There’s no legacy greater than such.

What’s a legacy to you? Share your thoughts below.

Tales of the City – The Politician and poet.


Approach me now, poet of the city

But say nothing to me lame or silly

For I hear with words you are great and witty.


Here is wine for your fill to drink

And your thoughts to guide when you think

Hold your tongue, just yet don’t speak.


Come to my banquet poet of the city

Let’s have some fun, don’t say am greedy

Feast with me let’s feel the city


Why not when we all part tomorrow?

None of these to you I borrow

So that you don’t go home in sorrow.


Listen to me poet of the city

To great men wine is tricky

Makes you think fast not greedy.


Look poet I brought you ink and jotter

Make use of it to keep your thoughts from the gutter

Wine is good but your words are better


Sit up now poet of the city

It time for work no more merry,

Let the wine bring out your witty.


Tell the world of my love and greatness

Say I bring joy and hope for the hopeless

We both know am so kind and fearless.


Use your words to make them love me

Their praises can’t bring you what my wine gives

You had your opinion once but now mine lives.

If left alone you could be a mine field.


to be continued…

5 reasons to write (more).


There are days on which the mere sight the sight of a writing surface turns me off while on other days I wake up feeling like I can write for the next 24 hours. It’s a feeling of life. Below are five reasons why I write or why I think you should write:

1) For memory: How did you feel the last time you rocked your brain to near death but didn’t get to remember that important something? Now that’s what happens when you don’t write. The human brain has proven to be not very reliable in the long run. Writing therefore help as a secondary form of memory. It never gets any better till you pick up that pen and scribble it down.

2) For fun: Its fun sometimes when you try to write down that funny idea or incident at work or school. It gives you the opportunity to relive that moment or event. So does reading it over and over.

3) For future use: This cannot be over emphasized. There are some pieces of information that will be absolutely necessary in future and are probably too much to be kept in mind or shared by word of mouth. Write that down.

4) For relief: For a lot of people, it is hard to open up or express themselves emotionally, while some still feel unsatisfied after doing so. Why let it eat you up when you can pour it all out on paper? Just take the time to write it all out. It reliefs.

5) For practice: Our world is fast evolving. Just a few decades back, there were no computers but now we have them in our palms. Decades ago writing ink was not so common but now pens and pencils sell cheaper than train tickets and getting haircuts. Even if you are not compelled to write now, it is likely that you will in the near future. It may be as simple as a text message or as complicated as a long essay, it will come. Writing now (practice) keeps you ready for the future when you may be compelled to. Gear up or get swept off by the tides of time.

Now you know why I write. Any more reasons? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share and let your others know why WE write. Thanks.

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